Motor speech disorders

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Sometimes following a stroke or brain injury, (or other progressive neurological diseases) one may suffer from Dysarthria or Apraxia of Speech. These are both known as motor speech disorders. Hearing or reading these terms may sound very scary – so let’s break it down! “Motor speech disorders involve a disconnection between the brain and physical… Continue reading Motor speech disorders

Voice problems?

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Our voices are so important, but we hardly notice how they affect us, until they become problematic. Voice itself can be affected by psychological aspects such as stress or anxiety or through overuse. I’ve recently started working with a client with a voice disorder – muscle tension dysphonia. He complains of pain when speaking and… Continue reading Voice problems?

Melodic intonation therapy

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Here is a fascinating concept: Melodic intonation therapy i.e. using ‘singing’ to help with speech in apraxia and aphasia. Such a fascinating field! I tried this with one of my clients with severe apraxia of speech, and it has had some promising results. We worked on saying ‘good evening’ (he did really well!), ‘how are… Continue reading Melodic intonation therapy